Whether it’s your first tattoo or your fiftieth, you have many options when it comes to tattoo artists in Adelaide. From realistic portraits to bold tribal tattoos, there are artists throughout the city who have experience or even specialised training in the designs, styles, and techniques you’re looking for.


Five of the most popular and best reviewed tattoo shops in Adelaide include the following.

1. Progression Tattoo Adelaide
Progression Tattoo employs seven permanent artists, as well as guest artists during the busier seasons. With a seasonal guest artist, you have the unique opportunity to get tattooed by an upcoming and promising new artist. With the number of artists Progression employs, your chances of being able to book an appointment increase, unlike shops that only employ three or four artists.

Progression has artists that specialise in Japanese style tattoos, lettering, tribal tattoos, realistic, portraits and neo-traditional. If you’re interested in any of these types of tattoos, Progression Tattoo is an excellent option.

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2. Art n Soul Tattoo Studio
Art n Soul Tattoo Studio has three tattoo artists, as well as a cosmetic tattoo artist. The cosmetic artist can do eyeliner, lips, eyebrows, and more. All three regular artists have experience in cover ups, if you need an existing tattoo taken care of. They also accept walk-ins, though bookings do take priority.

Art n Soul artists have experience in realistic, portrait, Japanese and lettering tattoos. At least one of their artists also has experience in tattooing breasts. Women who’ve had to undergo surgery and wish to cover scarring or recreate their areolas and nipples should look into Art n Soul artists.


3. The Tattoo Gallery
The Tattoo Gallery has three experienced artists and offers piercing services. In addition to the piercing services, this shop also provides training in piercing, as well as jewelry for your new piercings. The Tattoo Gallery recently moved to a larger studio, which has greatly benefitted both artists and customers.

Artists at The Tattoo Gallery have tattooed tribal, Japanese, lettering, old-school, street art, neo-traditional, sugar skulls, Celtic, portraits and pin-ups. One artist also has perfected recreating the look of areolas for women who’ve had breast surgery.


4. Adelaide’s Ink Wizards / Aussie Ink Studio
Adelaide’s Ink Wizards employs five tattoo artists, while its sister studio, Aussie Ink Studio, employs four artists as well as a couple of apprentices. Both shops have bays to help customers enjoy privacy while being tattooed.

The large group of artists employed by these shops have well-rounded experience in many styles, including cover ups, portraits, Japanese, realism, fine detail, graffiti, lettering and street art. Artists from Ink Wizards or Aussie Ink Studio love creating beautiful grey scale as well as bright and colorful tattoos.

Every tattoo artist on this list understands the importance of your tattoos to your identity, image and interests. Tattoos aren’t just a piece art on your body, they are part of who you are as a person. If you want to be the canvas for one of the best tattoos in Adelaide, contact one of these five shops for your next tattoo.


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