If Chinatown is one of your destination points while in Adelaide, then you’ll want to make sure to explore a few of the area’s best bars after trying some world-class cuisine. Whether you’re looking for killer cocktails, a comfy lounge, wine bar, or a place that has the best happy hour, this list is sure to point you in the right direction. Below is the listed of best bars in Chinatown Adelaide suggested by Cover Girl Promotional Models in Adelaide.


Apothecary 1878


If you’re in the mood for upscale surroundings then Apothecary is the perfect destination. This bar in Adelaide has both a relaxed and refined ambiance, but just as importantly, their collection of wine and spirits is exceptional. If you’re also looking for a Adelaide wine bar, look no further because Apothecary 1878 was the 2015 winner of the Award of Excellence for their wine list. Their promotional models really exclude old time charm and sophistication, and you’ll find that the service you receive is just the same.


Bacchus Karaoke Bar


If you’re looking for a place to go out with friends and sing some karaoke, then Bacchus is the place to be. You won’t have to worry about performing in the middle of the bar for a large audience, as they allow groups to reserve their own karaoke rooms. You’ll also have plenty of tambourines at your disposal to go crazy with as you sing your heart out. With their huge drink variety, Bacchus can make you whatever your heart desires, including: beers, spirits, bombs, or order a jug of your own mix. They also have a big selection of Korean liquors if you’re in the mood for something exotic.


Loft Wine Bar


Loft Wine bar offers a classy and friendly atmosphere with stylish and contemporary décor. Upon arrival you’ll be greeted by a spacious staircase that leads up to a beautiful bar and seating area. For those who like to enjoy their drinks outside, they also have an outdoor balcony. In addition to a great wine list, they have an impressive liquor cabinet if you prefer spirits or cocktails. All in all it’s an excellent and versatile wine bar in Adelaide that’s great for date night, a group of friends, or having a drink on your own.


Sushi Bar Genki


Sushi Bar Genki has gained tons of fans for their variety of delicious sushi and Japanese beers, sakes and plum wine that create an authentic experience. People don’t always associate food on a conveyer belt with quality, but Sushi Bar Genki is sure to change any preconceived notions you may have had. If you’d still prefer not to grab off the sushi-go-round, you still get the convenience of ordering using one of the iPads they keep at each table. Arrive between 3-6pm during happy hour and you can start off with a $5 pint of Asahi or hot sake served with edamame.


These bars should be more than enough to get your started next time you’re in Chinatown in Adelaide and looking for a place to meet up with friends, unwind after work, or just explore what the city has to offer.


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