It would be an understatement to say that there are many places to eat in Adelaide. People of many ages enjoy many fantastic Chinatown Adelaide restaurants that are in the area. Of the numerous restaurants that are in Chinatown, 15 restaurants offer the best food in the community.

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Ba Guo Bu Yi Chinese Restaurant gets high marks from patrons in terms of delicious food and great meals. There are discounts and specials that people can receive on a weekly basis. Diners can observe a seafood tank that keeps seafood fresh. Besides this, guests can choose what they want served from the tank. Furthermore, there is free Wi-Fi for customers.

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People who like Japanese cooking will appreciate Ajisen Ramen. This Japanese restaurant in Adelaide serves breakfast and brunch. Sushi is quite a popular item on the menu, and there are many different foods with which it can be served. The adventurous are invited to try a meal with chopsticks that make the meal even more authentic and memorable. The dumplings thrill customers who eat at the Ajisen Ramen.

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If food with a Vietnamese flavor in what is preferred, go to Banh Mii. Many customers look forward to the special deals that are offered. There are delicious rolls that cannot be matched by many competitors. In fact, it is one of the main draws for the establishment. Furthermore, many different types of meats and vegetables can be added in order to make a meal perfect.

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The Bay of Bengal serves a wide variety of Indian food. While the food is done right, the atmosphere is quite delightful and cannot be overlooked. The artwork itself is extraordinary. The seasonings that are used enhance every meal. Servers are knowledgeable and very friendly.

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When it is time for delicious coffee and food in Adelaide Chinatown that can compliment such a beverage, an excellent place to visit is the Bean Bar. There is a special menu for customers. One of the best meals that people like is the frittata and gourmet beef lasagna that is gluten free.

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The Bei-Fang Chinese Restaurant has a wide selection of Chinese food that is sure to delight adults and children. New items are added to the menu on occasion. One popular item is dumplings that are made with fish, shallots and ginger. The combination of meats, vegetables and seasonings make meals memorable.

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Adelaide Korean BBQ & Butcher provides delicious meats to diners at a decent price that can fit into many budgets. Furthermore, the meats are tender and seasoned appropriately according to the Korean tradition. Vegetables and fruits go well with the meats that are served with each meal.

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Aroma has been serving its unique Japanese cuisine to many satisfied residents and visitors. Customers enjoy the traditional food served by friendly staff members. Many like the portions and available sides that can go with a meal. Staff members do a fine job combining sauces, meats and vegetables all in a pan.


Baba Gallery is a charming dining establishment in Adelaide Chinatown. Customers love the fact that Baba Gallery serves a combination of Chinese and Malaysian cuisine. The result is that diners get a unique taste that they love.


Bakinaire Macarons is in a small establishment that can be easy to overlook. That being said, it offers some of the most delicious macrons that are on the market today. Macarons come in a variety of colors.


Caffe Cino is an inviting café that treats customers to sandwiches, coffee, sweets and other delightful items. Individuals like the fact that desserts are made on location and can be low on calories. One of the most popular items at Caffe Cino is the soup, which includes pumpkin soup and chicken and corn soup.


When looking at Chinese restaurants Adelaide has, Bing’s is an excellent place to visit. Bing’s is a Chinese restaurant that offers delicious food at decent prices. Furthermore, members on staff are friendly and accommodating. The menu has many options, and customers are always welcome to order more than one tasty item off the menu.

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When in the mood for Chinese food, people like to visit Bazu for traditional Chinese cooking. Seafood, vegetables and other menu items are served hot and fresh to customers each day. Available beverages can enhance a meal, and dessert items complete it with satisfaction.

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Asian Gourmet features Chinese and Malaysian cooking. Portions are wonderful, and there are a number of items that can be included to make a fantastic taste. Seafood, meat, vegetables and fruits can be combined and arranged to make a meal that is unforgettable.

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People who desire some different places to eat in Adelaide will find that BBQ City meets their expectations. This establishment offers customers a nice selection of meats from around the area. Meat is served tender. Staff members are attentive and courteous. There are many different sides that can be chosen.

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There are plenty of Chinese restaurants Adelaide citizens and visitors appreciate. Furthermore, there are great Chinatown Adelaide restaurants that serve other types of food as well. The result is that people can find what they want when they visit the community.